Thelma Horwitz

Patient Representative @ Sick Kids

Thelma is mother to twin 12-year-old boys with severe asthma and allergies. Both have been hospitalized numerous times since infancy and continue to be regular patients at Sick Kids. Thelma also has personal experiences with asthma and allergies, being a frequent inpatient at Sick Kids while growing up in Toronto. She currently volunteers as a Family Advisor at Sick Kids.

Professionally, Thelma is the director of Quality Improvement for the new Network of Providence Healthcare, St. Michael’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Health Centre. Prior to this role, she had over fifteen years of experience at Providence, working in a variety of areas such as infection prevention and control, nursing practice and lean. Her most recent experience at Providence was as director of Process Improvement and Chief Quality Officer overseeing quality and safety, risk management and patient experience. Thelma has completed a Masters in Nursing and is Lean Black Belt certified.