Sally Wenzel

Professor @ University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Sally E. Wenzel, MD, is a Professor of Medicine in the Department of Pathology of the University of Pittsburgh, and Director of the University of Pittsburgh Asthma Institute.

Dr. Wenzel is considered a global expert in severe asthma. She has pioneered the concept of asthma phenotypes, including the progression to molecular phenotyping. Dr. Wenzel and Dr. Samuel Yousem were the first scientists to identify a new disease, termed asthmatic granulomatosis, which has features of asthma and autoimmune-like disease.

Dr. Wenzel’s research interest derives from her clinical experience. She often follows a bedside-to-bench approach regarding biomarkers and in relation to asthma phenotypes and treatment. Additionally, she is currently involved in multiple “omics” projects, including gene expression profiling in human airway cell from a range of asthmatics and controls. She is directly involved in better understanding the impact of Type-2 inflammation on human airway epithelial cells and is able to match cultured/experimental cells with fresh cells, obtained directly from asthmatic patients. She utilizes these cells to model immune processes in asthma in vitro. She has also been interested in the convergence of additional immune pathways with Type-2 inflammation, particularly that related to Type-1 inflammation.