Leroy Hood

SVP & CSO @ Institute for Systems Biology

Dr. Leroy Hood, MD, PhD, is Senior Vice-President and Chief Science Officer, Providence St. Joseph Health, and is Chief Strategy Officer, Co-founder and Professor for the Institute for Systems Biology.

Dr. Hood’s outstanding contributions have had a resounding effect on the advancement of science since the 1960s. He was involved in the development of six instruments critical for contemporary biology—namely, automated DNA sequencers, DNA synthesizers, protein sequencers, peptide synthesizers, the ink jet printer for constructing DNA arrays and large-scale synthesis of DNA and the nanostring instrument for the single molecule analysis of RNA (and later DNA). These instruments opened the door to high-throughput biological data and the era of big data in biology and medicine. He helped pioneer the human genome program—making it possible with the automated DNA sequencer.

In 2000, Dr. Hood co-founded the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), the first committed to systems approach to biology and disease. He has pioneered systems medicine in the years since ISB’s founding and has argued for a healthcare that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory (P4). He has made many seminal discoveries in the fields of immunology, neurobiology, cancer biology and biotechnology and has pioneered technologies and strategies that bring systems biology to personalized medicine.