Kelly McNagny

Professor @ University of British Columbia

Dr. Kelly McNagny, PhD, is a Professor of Medical Genetics at the University of British Columbia, a Member of the Stem Cell Network of Canada, and Associate Scientific Director of AllerGen NCE Inc. He is also a Research Leader of AllerGen’s Biomarkers & Bioinformatics Enabling Platform.

Dr. McNagny’s laboratory is interested in two aspects of hematopoietic stem cell biology: 1) the networks that regulate the commitment of multipotent progenitors to a specific lineage, and 2) the surface receptors expressed by a) hematopoietic precursor cells that regulate their interactions with their microenvironment, and by b) mature cells that regulate their trafficking in disease. Dr. McNagny has received a number of awards including a CIHR scholarship, a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Senior scholarship, and the 2002 Showell-Pfizer Junior Faculty Award from the American Association for Immunology.