Judah Denburg

Professor @ McMaster University

Dr. Judah Denburg, MD, FRCPC, Professor and William J. Walsh Chair in Medicine at McMaster University, received his MD from McGill University Medical School (Canada) and Hebrew University (Israel) followed by Fellowship Certification (FRCPC) in Internal Medicine and Hematology. Dr. Denburg is active as a physician with one of the largest academic group practices in Allergy and Immunology in Canada. He is also the Scientific Director and CEO of The Allergy, Genes & Environment Network of Centres of Excellence (AllerGen NCE Inc.), a research and knowledge translation network in allergic diseases and asthma that has positioned Canada as a global leader in allergy and asthma research and development.

Dr. Denburg’s primary research interests are the developmental biology of eosinophils, basophils and mast cells, and immune regulation in allergic airways. His pioneering, multi-disciplinary studies have led to the widely-accepted concept of “allergy as a systemic disease”. His publication list is extensive, with over 340 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, reviews and book chapters. Dr. Denburg has received numerous awards for his research in Canada and internationally. In September 2016, he was inducted into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences in recognition of his contributions to this field.