John Gordon

Professor @ University of Saskatchewan

Dr. John R. Gordon, PhD, is a Professor of Respirology at the University of Saskatchewan, and a Research Leader of AllerGen’s Biomarkers & Bioinformatics Enabling Platform.

Dr. Gordon’s laboratory focuses on immunotherapeutics in the context of allergic and other inflammatory diseases. His team has developed regulatory dendritic cell protocols to reverse asthma and food allergen sensitivity in animal models and has shown that these approaches are relevant also to human disease. His team is presently moving to translate regulatory dendritic cell immunotherapies into the clinic. His lab also patented a series of anti-inflammatory drugs that attenuate neutrophilic inflammation in an array of animal models, but it has more recently shown that these same agents potently antagonize the growth, metastasis and development of chemotherapeutic resistance in multiple tumours.

Dr. Gordon is the President of the Canadian Society for Immunology.