Ann Clarke

Professor @ University of Calgary

Dr. Ann Clarke, MD, is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Calgary. She is an established investigator in the epidemiology, economics, and outcomes of chronic atopic and autoimmune diseases, specifically food allergy and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). She is a Research Leader of AllerGen’s Canadian Food Allergy Strategic Team (CanFAST) Legacy Project and its National Food Allergy Strategy (NFASt) Legacy Initiative.

Dr. Clarke is developing the Alberta Food Allergy Research (AFAR) program, which consists of three key components: 1) Maintain and expand longitudinal databases of children with food allergy and anaphylaxis, recruited from clinic and community settings across Canada, which will examine the genetic and environmental causes of food allergy, estimated the economic burden, develop strategies to improve prevention and treatment, and enhance disease management and coping; 2) Examine nationwide temporal trends in food allergy prevalence; and 3) Translate knowledge about the prevalence, impacts, and experiences of food allergy by engaging stakeholders from allergy, asthma, and child advocacy groups, schools/daycares, health care providers, scientists, the food and food service industry, and representatives from all levels of government to initiate a National Food Allergy Strategy that will maximize choice and minimize risk for children affected by food allergy.