Session 9: CanGoFar to CANFASt: Continued

AllerGen’s food allergy researchers, collaborators and stakeholders will survey the accomplishments, current status and future of their research.

Session moderator: Dr. Jean Marshall

The science of translating the science of food allergy

Speaker: Dr. Susan Elliott

This presentation will describe the past, present and future of (integrated) knowledge translation in the context of food allergy in Canada.

Risks associated with consuming foods with allergen precautionary labelling in Canada

Speaker: Dr. Samuel Godefroy

Dr. Godefroy will review results associated with levels of allergens found in foods sold in Canada bearing precautionary labeling, and a risk assessment for scenarios in which allergic consumers ignore these statements.

Identifying barriers to and enablers of Oral Food Challenge implementation in Canada

Speaker: Dr. Edmond S. Chan

Dr. Chan will share research findings on the primary barriers to and enablers of clinicians and families participating in Oral Food Challenges.

Development of an interactive food allergy education program for adolescents

Speaker: Dr. Allan Becker

Findings from focus groups and a survey led the Children’s Allergy and Asthma Education Centre to develop Kung Food, a interactive app employing gamification to engage and educate adolescents about food allergy.

Managing food allergies at university: What are the gaps?

Speaker: Dr. Susan Waserman

By researching the gaps in food allergy knowledge, attitudes and perceptions among students and food-service personnel, Dr. Waserman aims to identify ways to provide a safer environment for at-risk students.

Taking it political: the importance of taking the food allergy policy discussion to the level of the Federal government

Speaker: Jennifer Gerdts

This presentation will discuss the collaborative effort to create a National Plan of Action, the merit of government engagement, and Food Allergy Canada’s plans to advocate on behalf of Canadians impacted by food allergy.