Session 8: CanGoFar to CANFASt: How AllerGen changed the global landscape of food allergy research

AllerGen’s food allergy research team will provide a survey of the accomplishments and current status of their research.

Session moderator: Dr. Susan Elliott

Is the prevalence of food allergy increasing in Canada?

Speaker: Dr. Ann Clarke

Dr. Clarke will present the results of a nationwide survey, conducted in 2016, on the prevalence of food allergy and compare these with the results of an identical survey conducted five years prior.

Anaphylaxis in Canada: Lessons learned from the Cross-Canada Anaphylaxis Registry (C-CARE)

Speaker: Dr. Moshe Ben-Shoshan

Dr. Ben-Shoshan will describe findings from the C-CARE anaphylaxis registry, which have revealed increased rates of anaphylaxis and highlighted gaps in the diagnosis and management of life-threatening allergic reactions.

Food allergy genetics – past, present, and future

Speaker: Dr. Yuka Asai

This presentation will summarize the genetic findings in recent peanut allergy and food allergy studies, and discuss future opportunities for research.

Models of tolerance mechanisms

Speaker: Dr. Jean Marshall

This presentation will describe how some fundamental and collaborative studies of oral tolerance developments by AllerGen researchers might provide a better understanding of the impact of breastfeeding on allergy development.

Cow’s Milk Protein allergy: What can we learn from biomarkers?

Speaker: Dr. Bruce Mazer

Dr. Mazer and colleagues have conducted an extensive clinical trial in Oral Immunotherapy for milk allergy. He will present the humoral and cellular changes that are associated with OIT and describe how these findings can help improve therapeutic outcomes.