Session 7: Biomarkers and Bioinformatics Enabling Platform: Discovery and Development on the Road to Economic and Social Benefit

This session will provide an overview of several of the discovery and development projects championed by AllerGen NCE that have potential for major societal impacts.

Improved diagnosis of airways diseases: metabolomic profiling of urine

Speaker: Dr. Darryl Adamko

We have been developing a diagnostic test on a mass spectrometry platform that can measure biomarkers in urine samples from children and adults. This test has been designed to differentiate asthma from other airway diseases and determine severity of disease requiring therapy.

CABS1: A novel biomarker of stress with anti-inflammatory activity

Speaker: Dr. Dean Befus

A description of an anti-inflammatory molecule under neuroendocrine regulation in an animal model and translation to the discovery of CABS1 as a biomarker of stress in humans and its potential applications.

Cord blood flow cytometric predictors of atopy and asthma in the CHILD Study

Speaker: Dr. Judah Denburg

Review of markers on CD34 and DC populations in cord blood which anticipate development of atopic sensitization, atopic dermatitis, wheeze and lung clearance index alterations at 1 and 3 years in the CHILD cohort.

Regulatory dendritic cell immunotherapy

Speaker: Dr. John Gordon

This talk will focus on a newer translational approach to allergic disease therapeutics that uses regulatory dendritic cells (DCreg). The development and characterization of novel human DCreg for use in allergic disease therapeutics will be described.

CyTOF as a tool for cord blood biomarker discovery in allergic disease

Speaker (and session moderator): Dr. Kelly McNagny

This talk will focus on mass spectrometry-based flow cytometry as a single-cell proteomics platform technology for discovery of blood biomarkers of existing or future allergic disease.