Session 6: CIC Overview & Impacts: Clinical Trials and Drug Development

This session will describe the role of the Clinical Investigator Collaborative in the development of new therapies for treating asthma.

Session moderator: Dr. Paul O’Byrne

Understanding drug targets – what the CIC has achieved to date

Speaker: Dr. Gail Gauvreau

Dr. Gauvreau will summarize the contributions of CIC to the testing of drug targets and the development of new therapies.

New pathways of allergic airway disease uncovered using CIC models of asthma

Speaker: Dr. Scott Tebbutt

Dr. Tebbutt will discuss the application of novel scientific tools for mapping mechanisms of disease in CIC cohorts.

Benefits of partnership with the CIC – the role of clinical models in drug development

Speaker: Dr. Paul Newbold

Dr. Newbold will offer insights into how data from CIC studies are used by industry for drug development.

Overview of Severe Asthma-CIC and potential impacts

Speaker: Dr. Parameswaran Nair

Dr. Nair will provide an overview of sub-studies undertaken by the Severe Asthma arm of the CIC, and discuss the impact of these studies on the identification of treatment strategies.