Session 2: CHILD Study Sites & Participant Experiences

Site leaders for the CHILD Study will discuss what’s unique about each site, including sub-studies that are site-specific, and families participating in the Study will speak of their experiences as the on-the-ground heroes of this longitudinal birth cohort study.

Session moderator: Dr. Allan Becker

A unique Canadian cohort

Speaker: Dr. Meghan Azad

Dr. Azad, co-leader of the Manitoba site of the CHILD Study, will provide a short description of the core study: the protocols followed and the data collected across all four sites.

Sleep studies & neurodevelopment in the Edmonton cohort

Speaker: Dr. Piush Mandhane

Dr. Mandhane will describe the specialized studies on sleep and neurodevelopment being uniquely pursued at the Edmonton site of the Study, and will share related findings to date.

Physiologic phenotyping in the Toronto cohort

Speaker: Dr. Theo Moraes

Dr. Moraes will describe the added studies uniquely conducted at the Toronto site, and how they have added to our understanding of physiology in phenotyping.

CHILD participants give the REAL SCOOP: What is it like to be part of CHILD?

Moderator: Ms. Linda Warner

Ms. Warner will moderate and contribute to a panel discussion in which the following CHILD Study families will share their experiences with and perceptions of the Study:

  • Vancouver participants: Maxime Doucas-Mooy | Natasha Doucas | Robert Mooy
  • Edmonton participants: Sara Celemin | Tatiana Celemin | Reuben Celemin
  • Winnipeg participants: Lily Raine Hoffman | Harmoni Hoffman | Eric Hoffman
  • Toronto participants: Brynn Eddie | Kat Kinch | Aaron Eddie