Session 6: CIC Overview & Impacts: Clinical Trials and Drug Development

This session will describe the role of the Clinical Investigator Collaborative in the development of new therapies for treating asthma.

Session moderator: Dr. Paul O’Byrne

Understanding drug targets – what the CIC has achieved to date

Speaker: Dr. Gail Gauvreau

Contributions of CIC to testing of drug targets and the development of new therapies.

New pathways of allergic airway disease uncovered using CIC models of asthma.

Speaker: Dr. Scott Tebbutt

Application of novel scientific tools for
mapping mechanisms of disease in CIC cohorts.

Benefits of partnership with the CIC – the role of
clinical models in drug development

Speaker: Dr. Paul Newbold

How data from CIC studies are used by
industry for drug development.

Overview of SA-CIC and potential impacts

Speaker: Dr. Parameswaran Nair

Overview of SA-CIC sub-studies and impact
on identification of treatment strategies.